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Alright everyone, it's about time I open up slots for commissions, 7 should be good enough to start with. Now, my artwork may not be as refined as those who are real pros at making a magnificent image-filled gallery, regardless, whether it takes me a long time to improve my style or not, I will draw as much as I can. Not just for myself, fellow deviant Artists that asks me to create images are welcome to see the progress. During the making of each image, I will notify everyone one at a time to give them a glimpse at the status of their commissions. I know that it's abrupt of me to start this after a small amount has been posted, but I'm willing to start now, and ready to go forth.  

If anyone chooses to commission me, please proceed with the following:
  • Credit me as you post the commissioned image in the gallery.
  • Send the payment in advance through PayPal.
  • I accept commissions that involves drawing anime characters in either blank space, inside/outside school grounds, walking or hanging around the neighborhood/city, surrounded by nature (such as trees, birds, lake, etc), and natural landscapes.

Traditional (Copic Markers/Watercolor Paint):

Anime Character(s) 

  • $3 for Sketch
  • $5 for Ink Lineart
  • $9 for Full Color 
  • $12 for Black and White
  • $11 for Character with Colored Background
    • +$3 for Headshot
    • +$4 for Head to Chest Level
    • +$6 for Head to Waist Level
    • +$8 for Full Body Character
    • +$3 for an extra character each 

Nagisa Sketched by AngelBlade13 Nagisa Lineart by AngelBlade13 Mikasa Ackerman by AngelBlade13 Nagisa Shiota by AngelBlade13 Sasuke Uchina by AngelBlade13


  • $3 for Sketch
  • $5 for Ink Lineart
  • $9 for Full Color
  • $12 for Black and White 
  • $15 for Creature with Colored Background
    • +$3 for an extra creature each
Phoenix by AngelBlade13

Sketched Portrait(s)

  • $6 for Headshot
  • $10 for Head to Chest Level

Digital (Photoshop/Wacom Bamboo Tablet):

Chibi Character Images:

  • $4 for Lineart
  • $7 for Base Color
  • $10 for Full Color

 Chibi Lineart by AngelBlade13 Chibi Base Color by AngelBlade13 Chibi Shine by AngelBlade13

Anime Character Images

  • $7 for Lineart
  • $10 for Base Color
  • $12 for Full Color w/ Plain Background
  • $15 for Black and White
  • $20 for Full Colored Character with Colored Background
    • +$3 for Headshot
    • +$5 for Head to Waist Level
    • +$10 for Full Body Character 
    • +$3 for an extra character each

 Anime Girl Base Color by AngelBlade13 Anime girl Plain Background by AngelBlade13 Anime Christmas Girl (Visual Novel-style) by AngelBlade13  Coming Home by AngelBlade13 Night Sky by AngelBlade13

Realistic-enhanced Character Images:

  • $22 for Image w/ Plain Background
  • $26 for Black and White
  • $33 for Detailed Picture
    • +$3 for Headshot
    • +$5 for Head to Waist Level
    • +$9 for Full Body Character  
    • +$3 for an extra character each

 Teaser (Baseless background) by AngelBlade13 Cold, but Ablaze (Completed) by AngelBlade13

I will certainly do my best to tend to your demands! Thank you!

*UPDATE* After taking a look at it myself, I had changed the prices for each segment, I believed that they were done too expensive. If anyone plans on commissioning me into making an image for him/her, that's cool, if some don't want to, that's fine. But please, leave a comment after taking a look at this journal, I would like to hear your thoughts on this. I'm still new to opening commissions, and this is the first time I tried going all out with the pricing.


AngelBlade13's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a Graphic Design student that enjoys a good anime art both traditional and digital. My profile says that I'm doing digital art, but soon, I'll be working on traditional anime sketches and drawings as soon as the tools necessary are ready. Two goals I have.

One: Building up a light novel series, before I had chapters in the gallery, but I removed them to revise every detail of both the dialogue and art. It would be a big help if several people could take a look at them once they're up in the Summer, so please consider reading the series. I'd really appreciate it. :)

Two: Opening commissions to get some earnings I could use to help with the support, I'm still a college student, so I must try to do as much as I can on deviantArt to not only pay for my part, but to satisfy any of the people who commission to make some art. Don't hesitate to ask me anything in regards to this. :D


Rough Beginning by AngelBlade13
Rough Beginning
Right from the beginning of his objective, a young boy tries to take on a position in knighthood, searching for a self-discovery of who he is as a living being. However he realizes that his training must be as brutal as it can to prepare him for the worst possible.
Ibuki and Eiha Sketched by AngelBlade13
Ibuki and Eiha Sketched
With the upcoming anime heading to us at the start of July, I was in the mood to make a rough sketch of the two characters of Chaos Dragon. I'm excited to see it come, better not let us down after taking a sneak peek at it! This is also the first time I sketched the image with a more detailed black and white tone, making all of the darker colors ranging from gray to darker gray. I'm satisfied with how it turned out. :D

Ibuki and Eiha (c) Silver Link
Phoenix by AngelBlade13
A commission someone asked for me to do, a phoenix sketched in black and white. Sorry that I could not get a better quality version of this image, but I supposed this will be good enough for now. :)
Hellboy 2 by AngelBlade13
Hellboy 2
I remembered watching this when it came out in the theaters, was a good compelling movie. I was inspired to create a dark tone between the two siblings after recalling the tragedy they faced along the way.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (c) Guillermo del Toro
Asuna of ALO by AngelBlade13
Asuna of ALO
At last, the colored version of this sketch: Asuna Yuuki ALO, I've got to say that Asuna turned out incredible in this image, and enjoyed seeing her development rise. There's been an addition to the drawing as well, better take a closer look at it. :D If anyone wants to see more of this artwork style, I have big announcement that will be revealed later today, so be on the lookout! 

Asuna Yuuki (c) Reki Kawahara

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